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  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game Scene 1
  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game Scene 2
  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game Scene 3
  • Woollyman! Block Buster Game Scene 4
"Woollyman nails the casual game -
engaging, easy to learn, and a challenge to master."

Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game!

The Best Puzzle Game for the iPad!

  • Meet Rupert and Ug. They are both hunter and gamer. Ug is the less cerebral of the two, still working his way through the prehistoric learning curves of survival. For those who've yet to make his formal acquaintance, Ug is simply referred to as "Woollyman" - spirited pioneer of the cave dwellers. His current challenge is avoiding freezing to death! Ice fishing gone bad, long story.

  • In this comedic block-slider puzzle game designed specifically for the iPad, it is up to you to free Ug from his frozen entrapment or be banished to cryogenic purgatory! To do so, you must slide him across the ice in the proper sequence - solving the puzzling path to freedom!

    Several fun, frozen, puzzling block-slider levels await! Collect crunchy meat bonuses along the way and see if you have the evolved smarts to unlock and complete all the worlds!?

Ug's Big Mobile Screen Debut

Woollyman Block Buster Trailer Video

Just another ordinary day for Ug out on the frozen tundra. Do you want to hug him, or run from him? Check out this Woollyman short along with some sneak peak game footage.

A Peek at Woollyman

Block Buster iPad Game Levels

  • Rock Bottom

    Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Rock Bottom
  • Lizard Lake

    Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Lizard Lake
  • Dino Pond

    Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Dino Pond
Meat and Greet

Woollyman Character Profiles

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Ug(You Gee)

    Man has come a long way since his arrival. For some, that implies cognitive advancements and higher learning. For others, it simply means having traveled a long distance. The latter is the case with Ug.

    Though understandably a little on edge living in such challenging times, Ug, a.k.a. Woollyman, is by most accounts a nice fellow. His somewhat deranged and erratic behavior should not be misconstrued as psychotic. He's simply a little scared, a little cold, and often confused. Even amongst all the wild creatures, Ug's greatest danger is sadly himself. Fortunately, his Mammoth buddy, Rupert, keeps him out of trouble most of the time.

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Rupert

    Well respected and revered, this Woolly Mammoth is both kind-hearted and wise. When Rupert is not saving Ug from perilous situations, which happens often, he enjoys the good life - dining on the more refined vegetation and drinking wheat grass. He also enjoys studying astronomy, anthropology, and archeology.

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Andre
    Andre (the big leg)

    He is really, really, big, and yet ironically extremely shy. Andre, and others of his ilk, is surrounded in unfortunate controversy. It's hypothesized, though not without considerable academic scrutiny, that a good portion of the Lower Paleolithic extinctions are now being attributed to having simply been stepped on - presumably accidentally, but that is an ongoing debate within the scientific community.

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Lenny

    A crafty critter is Lenny. He scurries in a sneaky fashion, spying out his latest target. Is he a lizard or a smarmy snake with sprouting appendages? What he is for sure, is the suspected town klepto. He acts like everybody's best friend with sweet talking platitudes but don't be deceived, for there is always a hidden agenda at work.

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Turkey Leg

    Ug's meal of choice. Nobody knows exactly what animal this tasty morsel is derived from, or how it became magically deep fried to crunchy perfection.

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Pterri

    Nemesis to Ug, and predator to those that crawl (and are light enough to be lifted), Pterri's presence instills great fear across the land. When she circles about, the masses scurry to their holes and caves for safety. Her dive bomb attacks are relentless and her blood-curdling screech can be heard for miles.

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Rockefeller

    Despite his lack of independent mobility and quiet disposition, Rockefeller is strong, compassionate, and destined for greatness. Creatures of every kind admire his calm, zen-like state, especially amongst a chaotic world that longs for peace and tranquility. He's a great listener, and whatever circumstance or challenge he's confronted with, he remains calm, cool, and collected.

  • Woollyman Block Buster iPad Game - Kevin

    On the cusp of extinction, Kevin tries to keep a very low profile. He is a loveable, docile creature that enjoys flowers and basking in the hot sun. He, a Snackasorous, once traveled in herds, but their oily secretions and distinct aroma that were supposedly a defense mechanism, apparently backfired. At some point in time, the intended deterrent became an irresistible attraction. Despite his imminent fate, Kevin appears quite content and at peace with life and himself.

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